From the trailer park to Beverly Hills and now back to Texas, Tiffany Hendra inspires women from all walks of life to live their most fabulous life regardless of their budget. She is a wife, TV Host, empowerment & media coach, creator of the blog & webseries Sanctuary Of Styleand star on season one of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Dallas.With her spitfire attitude, Tiffany gives women the kick-in-the-butt they need toward living their most stylish, healthy and spiritually-conscious life. Her vision is for women all over the world to live in freedom by overcoming their past circumstances, own their BS, give up victimhood and stand confident in their power. Tiffany believes confident women are World Changers. She’s sick and tired of seeing women live below their potential. She has been there, done that.  After hitting bottom in 2002, Tiffany embarked on a journey of soul-searching – 

the beginning of a long journey that would transform her mess into her message.

Tiffany has the ability to truly connect with people and relate to them. I am so grateful for everything I have learned from her. She speaks from personal experience and I prefer to be coached by someone who has “been there, done that”.  I hired her to become more confident and to work through some things. She went BEYOND my expectations and helped me find my voice, become more confident, and to go after my dreams. I felt stronger after each session! Tiffany provided me with different tools from using affirmations, to listening to faithbuilding messages and she even got me started on a new morning routine. This morning routine has changed my life and I can’t live without it now!  Tiffany is an amazing role model and I really look up to her because she is authentic, full of energy and truly an inspiration. She has helped me on so many levels and I would definitely hire her again.  // José, Netherlands 

She never thought she was a coach or mentor type…

As Tiffany began to heal from her past, she knew in every fiber of her being that she had to help other struggling women- especially young women– to live healthier, empowered and more stylish lives. She immersed herself with studying, learning, volunteering and even teaching everything she could about beauty, health, spirituality, confidence, style and image. Her first opportunity was instructing a self-development class in Burbank, CA for teen girls ages 13-17. She went on to take skincare courses and became a consultant for Arbonne International teaching women how to change their lives through entrepreneurship. Tiffany was also a sales associate and clothing buyer for a woman’s boutique on the popular 3rd Street in Los Angeles. She loved helping build her clients a new wardrobe and more importantly, build their confidence.  As Tiffany continued reconnecting to her spirit, she sought out other spiritually-conscious women and started an empowerment group and prayer circle for fashion and entertainment industry professionals. All of these experiences added up to be a great training ground for Tiffany.  Now, she is able to continue working on camera and at the same time, be of service to women around the world.

Sometimes when we’re running from our past, we run smack into our purpose”, says Tiffany. 

She found her calling.. or her calling found her.

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After hustling in LA for over 15 years, Tiffany now resides in Dallas, Tx with her Australian singer-songwriter husband Aaron Hendra.  The Hendras share a passion for helping others and work closely with Sam Childers aka The Machine Gun Preacher and his efforts to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned children in East Africa.

During our sessions, Tiffany gave me steps, tools, and guidance towards a new way of waking up to life every morning.  From morning meditations, daily affirmations to drinking a tall glass of lemon water and she had me journal everyday. After each session, she would send me links to new eye opening gifts of life.  She gave me work to do for myself and I felt this jolt of energy to do them before we would meet again.  With each session I felt stronger with her.  I felt happier.  I felt like I wanted to be like her and like many women out there that “wake up” to the ability to Walk Tall.

Gwne DiLapi, NYC