After 30 years of working in front of the camera, I am passionate (and downright obsessed) with sharing my expertise and experience with like-minded ladybosses. Through The Coaching Sanctuary™, I offer interactive group workshops and holistic 1:1 coaching. Today’s mission-driven entrepreneur must utilize the power of video for connecting with their audience, but many are terrified of the camera. My unique coaching strategy combines my own spiritual journey of overcoming a fear-based mindset with my years of experience in front of the camera. I am on a mission to build confidence in women by helping them step out of their comfort zone to live more authentically, on and off camera.

On my journey, it has been a pleasure working with networks like NBC, Showtime, Comedy Central, FX Network, Vh1 and most recently on Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Dallas. I am able to take all the insider tips I’ve learned along the way and share with my clients.

Check out my YouTube Channel, Sanctuary Of Style for life, style and personal growth tips. The love of my life, Australian singer-songwriter Aaron Hendra and I live in Dallas, TX. We love God, humanitarian efforts, rocker tee’s, tacos, strong coffee and globe trotting.



1:1 On-Camera Coaching + Consulting


Intensive private coaching to sharpen skills in the areas of TV hosting, public speaking, spokesperson, YouTube, branding, producing content and social media marketing. A strategy will be specifically designed to address each your unique goals, needs and vision:


  • How to Handle Auditions

  • How to Control Your Nerves

  • Charisma On-Camera + Speaking Engagements

  • Successful Communication: Spokesperson & On-Camera Presentations

  • Reading the Teleprompter

  • Hosting off of Bullet Points (personality driven hosting style)

  • Host Interviewing Skills

  • Co-hosting Skills

  • Wardrobe Tips for Camera

  • Makeup Tips for Camera

  • Branding Yourself

  • Defining Your Message w/ Clarity + Authenticity

  • Tips for Starting A YouTube Channel

  • How to Utilize Facebook Live + Instagram Video for Biz

  • Social Media Guidance

  • Writing, Developing + Producing Online Content

  • Tips with Headshots + Promotional Tools


All of the affirmations you shared with me, the conversations, the new ways of perceiving people and ways of looking at things have been so incredibly priceless to what I’ve been navigating. YOU!!!! my powerful, powerful Godly, promoted, audaciously bold woman are amazing! I can’t even think of a word that would do justice to what I think God thinks when he hears your name other than Queen. 👑  You have made such an incredible impact on my life, I will never forget it!

~Farrah Rudd, Real Estate Mogul, Daughter Of God and all around Badass!

1:1 Empowerment Coaching + Spiritual Mentoring 

Ready to live the life you deserve + step into your Destiny?

Desire to overcome self-defeating patterns?

Want to build more confidence and belief in your unique gifts + talents?

Live unapologetically in your ladyboss life with more financial freedom?

Need to develop your personal style or revamp your image?
Hungry to live a more spiritually rich, vibrant and positive life?



  • Personal Relationships/ Setting Boundaries

  • Importance of a Spirit Spot + Spiritual Workouts

  • Mental Makeover

  • Goal Setting/ Time Management

  • Vision Board

  • Self-Esteem/ Confidence Building

  • Strategy for Success

  • Romantic/ Dating/ Marriage Topics

  • Body/ Image/ Personal Style

  • Positive Thinking/ Energy/ Raising Frequency

  • Self-care/ Self-love Routine

  • Passions + Purpose

  • Healthy Habits

  • Buddy Shopping for Wardrobe + Makeup/Skincare (additional cost)

SERVICES: Packages are available to best serve you and your specific needs. A minimum 90-day commitment is recommended in order to generate lasting positive results. 1-month, 1-day and half day intensives also available. Coaching provided in person or via skype.

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Tiffany has a unique gift to pull authenticity out of people.  She helped me find my voice, confidence, and guide me to start my successful You Tube channel for my blog.  I had no idea the scope of her training would exceed far more than camera presence…she got to know WHO I am and customized an approach versus a “one size fits all” program.  Furthermore, she continues to help me far after training by checking in, constructive advice on projects, and lending emotional support.  Even if my goal wasn’t to start a You Tube channel, I would hire her again because the confidence boost is priceless!  Tiffany Hendra is living her true calling in helping others find theirs.  Bravo!
-Whitney Kutch, Lifestyle Blogger + Creator of Whit’s Kitch

After nearly a decade as a broadcaster in radio and television,  what I learned from Tiffany is incredible. She genuinely invested the time to help develop my skills, provide tangible insider knowledge and encouraged me with truth in love.
She helped fuel the fire I had to influence the world positively with my talents.   

Email Asante

It has been an honor to have been coached by Tiffany Hendra. I hired Tiffany to guide me back into the “business” and help me polish my skills after staying home with my kids for 10 years. She went above and beyond what I needed! After our month of working together, I felt equipped with the skills and mindset I needed to achieve my dreams! Tiffany’s energy and love of life can’t help but inspire you and spill into your life, leaving you feeling excited and re-energized! 

Angie Maupin

As a public speaker and minister, I share my life journey of transformation to help young women overcome their own battles. I needed to sharpen my skills and step out of my comfort zone in order to be a more effective speaker.


Tiffany helped me do exactly that! 

Jessica Youngblood

One of my all time favorite authors, C.S Lewis once said “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…”. How I wish I could shout this message to the world! In an age where it’s tempting to put an expiration date on our dreams, I am so thankful for a friend and mentor in Tiffany Hendra who did not dare let me go through life believing I was too old to reach my dreams. I took Tiffany’s workshop being new to the hosting industry and not really knowing what to expect, but all I can say is “WOW!” I learned so much and took away so many valuable nuggets from her course that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. It truly changed my life for the better and gave me the confidence and tools I needed to continue sharpening my skills. This course isn’t just for actors or hosts. If you have EVER wanted to improve your communication skills, work towards hosting a show, start your own YouTube channel, become a speaker or author or anything, this is the course for you. I am telling you, this course will change your life by inspiring you to dig deep, challenge yourself and learn how to share your message with passion and purpose. I never want to miss a workshop!

-Amy Robbins, Model/ TV Host/ Producer/ Gun Expert

I am so grateful for powerful inspirational women like Tiffany who are not only successful, but want to share their knowledge with others. This workshop was a breakthrough for me in my writing and speaking. I can’t wait to share my experience with others.

Cherie Rickard International Published Author, Speaker, Certified Grief & Empowerment Coach